01. Doggy Style - Side by Side
02. DI - Loose
03. Psychotic Fungus - Zit on Boy George's Face
04. Just Because - Inside Job
05. Exobiota - Turtles
06. Subculture - Change Today
07. Large Hardware - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In
08. Bleeding Hearts - Election Year
09. Love Canal - Elevator to Hell
10. SS Nightmares - Cry With Me
11. Scarecrows - Rex
12. Convicted - Bomb Bop
13. Partners in Crime - Into the Darkness
14. Blind Hatred - No Escape
15. Mind Over Four - Lust

Label: Mystic Records
Cat #: MLP 33142
Format: LP
Released: 1985


I know this ain't saying much but this is the best damn compilation Mystic's ever cranked out. The key here is diversity. Fine examples of thrash, metal, post-punk are presented in a coherent manner. Not a bad buy. Faves for me: Scarecrows, Doggy Style, and Mind Over Four (with a cool Stooges-meet-Butthole Surfers tune).
-Brady Rifkin (from Ink Disease #10, Winter 1985)

They snuck this stuff out from behind the Orange Curtain, the stronghold of ultra-fanatical right-wingers here in the US. And yes, even in this suburban hell, an underground exists (and an extensive one at that). The likes of D.I., DOGGY STYLE, JUST BECAUSE, EXOBIOTA, CONVICTED, BLIND HATRED, LOVE CANAL, and tons more (only notable exclusion is UNIFORM CHOICE) turn in one song each in many varied punk styles. Good comp with high sound quality.
-Tim Yohannan (from Maximum Rocknroll #30, November 1985)