Black Flag
United States - Los Angeles, CA

01. Paralyzed
02. The Crazy Girl
03. Black Love
04. White Hot
05. In My Head
06. Out of This World
07. I Can See You
08. Drinking and Driving
09. Retired at 21
10. Society's Tease
11. It's All Up to You
12. You Let Me Down

Label: SST Records
Cat #: SST 045
Format: LP
Released: 1985


Even though Brady has so righteously pointed out that he's the only human qualified to review a Black Flag album with any shred of objectivity, with that in mind here I go. To get right to the point this ain't so bad. The sound is 100% Black Flag, with a well-needed easing up on the self-indulgence meter. The tunes appear to be well-executed, with all instruents locked tightly into place. As for Hank's vocals, the interplay between frustration and guitar blends right in, working for (instead of against) the non-stop chordal progression. When the message is able to come across successfully, as it does throughout "In My Head", suburban angst can be quite enjoyable.
-Steve Alper (from Ink Disease #10, Winter 1985)

I've tended to like their post-Damaged records a lot more than some people I know; here, instead of long, drawn-out solos, the songs are shorter and more concise, and therefore pack more punch. The cassette version contains three extra tracks.
-Dogtowne (from Maximum Rocknroll #30, November 1985)