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96 Tapes (United Kingdom - London, England)

AA Records (Japan - Osaka)
Able Label (Australia - Brisbane, QLD)
Abstract Sounds (United Kingdom - London, England)
Ace of Hearts Records (United States - Boston, MA)
Ace Records (United Kingdom - Kent, England)
ADK Records (Japan)
Adventures in Reality Recordings (United Kingdom - Coventry > London, England)
Aggressive Rockproduktionen (West Germany - Berlin)
Alchemy Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
All The Madmen Records (United Kingdom - Somerset, England)
Alternative Tentacles Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Anagram Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Armageddon Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Ataque Frontal Records (Brazil - São Paulo)
Attack Punk Records (Italy - Bologna)
Attrix Records (United Kingdom - Brighton, England)
AutoMotive Records (United States - Detroit)
Ax/ction Records (United States - Boston, MA)

Backstreet Backlash Records (Netherlands - Rotterdam)
Basati Diskak (Spain - Donostia-San Sebastián)
BCT (United States - San Diego, CA)
Belfagor Records (Italy)
Bent Records (United Kingdom - Manchester, England)
Big City Records (United States - New York, NY)
Birdskit Records (Sweden - Köping)
Blu Bus Dischi (Italy - Aosta)
Blueprint Records (United Kingdom)
Bluurg Records (United Kingdom - Wessex, England)
Bomp! Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Bondeskiver (Denmark - Ålborg)
Boner Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Boston Tea Party Tapes (Denmark - Albertslund)
Buy Our Records (United States - New Jersey)
BYO Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Captain Records (Japan)
CD Presents, Ltd. (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Champ Records (United States - Kansas City, MO)
Chaos Produzioni (Italy - Milan)
Chaos Records (France)
Chaos Tapes (United Kingdom)
Cherry Red Records (United Kingdom)
Chickenbrain Records (Sweden)
CIA Records (United States - Houston, TX)
Cinal Furtain Tapes (United Kingdom - England)
Citadel Records (Australia - Sydney)
Clay Records (United Kingdom - Stoke-on-Trent, England)
Closet Records (United States - San Antonio, TX)
CNT Productions (United Kingdom)
Combined Effort Records (United States - Albany, NY)
COR Records (United Kingdom)
Corpus Christi Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Crass Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Criminal Damage Records (United Kingdom - Reading, England)

Dangerhouse Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Dead Good Records (United Kingdom - Lincoln, England)
Deluxe Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Den Onde Sirkel (Norway - Jessheim)
Depression Records (United States - Michigan)
Destiny Records (West Germany - Berlin)
Destroy Records (United States - Florida)
Deux Ex Machina Records and Tapes (United States - Seattle, WA)
Devil Discos (Brazil - São Paulo)
Diamond Records (United Kingdom)
Dinosaur Discs (United Kingdom - London, England)
Dirt Records (United States - Bloomfield, NJ)
Dischord Records (United States - Washington, DC)
Disforia Tapes (Italy - Turin)
DK Decay (Denmark - Odense)
Dogma Records (Japan - Tokyo)
Dos Rombos Discos (Spain - Madrid)
Double A Records (West Germany - Wuppertal)
Doublethink Records (Australia - Sydney)
DSI Records (United States - Dunn Loring, VA)
Dumb Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)

EC Productions (Australia - Adelaide, SA)
Endangered Musik (United Kingdom - Brize Norton, England)
Endangered Species Records (United States - Erie, PA)
Engram Records (United States - Seattle, WA)
Enigma Records (United States - Torrance, CA)
Enigma Records (Greece)
ESR Records (United Kingdom - Exeter, England)

Fall Out Records (United Kingdom)
Fartblossom Enterprises (United States - Pomona, CA)
Fast Products (United Kingdom - Edinburgh, Scotland)
Fatal Erection Records (United States - Portland/Eugene, OR)
Fetal Records (United States)
Fetvadd Records (Sweden - Tranås)
Fight Back Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Flicknife Records (United Kingdom)
Flipside Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Flux Records (United States - Newport, RI)
Fountain of Youth Records (United States - Bethesda, MD)
Fowl Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Fred Records (United States - Syracuse, NY)
Fresh Records (United Kingdom)
Fresh Sounds, Inc. (United States - Lawrence, KS)
Fried Egg Records (United Kingdom - Bristol, England)
Friends Records (Canada - Vancouver, BC)
Fringe Product, Ltd. (Canada)
Frontier Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
FTM Records (United States - Detroit)
Funhouse Records (West Germany)
Future Earth Records (United Kingdom - Doncaster, England)

Giant Records (United States - New York, NY)
Gift of Life Records (West Germany - Dortmund)
Golden Disc Records (United States - New York, NY)
Good Vibrations Records (United Kingdom - Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Gozira Records (Japan - Tokyo)
Graduate Records (United Kingdom - Dudley, England)
Gramm Records (Iceland - Reykjavík)
Gravelvoice Records (United States - Bloomington, IN)
Groucho Marxist Record Co-Operative (United Kingdom - Paisley, Scotland)

Hageland Records (Belgium - Scherpenheuvel)
Half Alive Records (Japan)
Happy Squid Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Hardly Music Records (United States - Bloomington, IN)
Heartbeat Records (United Kingdom - Bristol, England)
Helvete Underground Records (Switzerland)
Hi-Lo Records (United Kingdom - Guildford, England)
Hippycore Records (United States - Mesa, AZ)
Homestead Records (United States - New York, NY)

Iconoclast International (United States - Tucson, AZ)
Ima Hitt Records (New Zealand - New Plymouth)
In Your Face Records (United Kingdom - Nottingham, England)
Industrious Youth Records (United Kingdom - Manchester, England)
Inferno Records (United Kingdom - Birmingham, England)

Jisatsu Label (Japan)
Jungle Hop Records (France - Paris)
Jungle Records (United Kingdom - London, England)

Kamera Records (United Kingdom)
KML Records (United States - Pensacola, FL)
Konkurrel Records (Netherlands)

Lectric Eye Records (United States - New Orleans, LA)
Limbabwe Records (Netherlands - Venlo)
Link Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Local Anesthetic Records (United States - Denver, CO)
Lone Wolf Records (Canada - Oakville, Ontario)
Loony Tunes Records (United Kingdom - Scarborough, England)
Lost & Found Records (West Germany - Hannover)
Low-Brow (Japan)

Manic Ears Records (United Kingdom)
Matako Mazuri Records (United States - Texas)
Maximum Rocknroll Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Meantime Records (United Kingdom - Darlington, England)
Midnight Records (United States - New York, NY)
Mind Matter Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Mo-Da-Mu Records (Canada - Vancouver, BC)
Modern Method Records (United States - Boston, MA)
More Fun Records (West Germany)
Mortarhate Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Mutha Records (United States - New Jersey)
Mülleimer Records (West Germany - Stuttgart)
Mystic Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)

Namedrop Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
National Trust Records (United States - Laguna Hills, CA)
Neg.FX Records (France)
New Alliance Records (United States - San Pedro, CA)
New Beginning Records (United States - Long Beach, CA)
New Bristol Records (United Kingdom - Bristol, England)
New Crimes Tapes (United Kingdom - Southend-on-Sea, England)
New Face Records (Brazil - São Paulo)
New Underground Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
New Wave Records (France)
No Future Records (United Kingdom)
No Threes Records (United States - Seattle, WA)
No Århus (Denmark - Århus)
Noise Room Records (Japan - Tokyo)
Northside Records (United States - Syracuse, NY)
Not So Brave Records (Belgium - Brussels)

Off The Disk Records (Switzerland)
Office Para (Japan - Tokyo)
Oi! Records (United Kingdom - Cardiff, Wales)
Onslaught Records (New Zealand - Auckland)
Over The Top Records (United States - Connecticut)

P&S Productions (United States - Carbondale, IL)
Pax Records (United Kingdom - Sheffield, England)
Placebo Records (United States - Phoenix, AZ)
Plan 9 Records (United States - Lodi, NJ)
Play at Your Home Records (Italy - Turin)
Playlist Records (United Kingdom - Edinburgh, Scotland)
POBBS (France - Toulouse)
Pogar Records (West Germany)
Posh Boy Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Positive Force Records (United States - Reno, NV)
Power Noize Records (South Africa)
Probe Plus Records (United Kingdom - Liverpool, England)
Propaganda Records (Finland - Helsinki)
Propeller Records (New Zealand - Auckland)
Propeller Records (United States - Boston, MA)
Psyche Industry Records (Canada - Montreal, Quebec)
Punk Etc. Records (Belgium - Merchtem)
Pusmort Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)

Quintessence Records (Canada - Vancouver, BC)

R Radical Records (United States - Austin, TX/San Francisco, CA)
Rabid Cat Records (United States - Austin, TX)
Radical Change Records (United Kingdom - Norwich, England)
Radio Active Records (United States - San Diego, CA)
Radiobeat Records (United States - Boston, MA)
Ratcage Records (United States - New York, NY)
Rave Up Records (Italy - Rome)
Raw Records (United Kingdom - Cambridge, England)
Razor Records (United Kingdom)
Reactor Records (Australia - Melbourne)
Really Fast Records (Sweden)
Red Records (United States - Philadelphia, PA)
Reflex Records (United States - Minneapolis, MN)
Revelation Records (United States - New Haven, CT > Huntington Beach, CA)
Richmond Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Riot City Records (United Kingdom)
Rise & Fall Productions (West Germany)
Risky Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Rock-O-Rama Records (West Germany - Brühl)
Rogelletti Records (Canada - Vancouver, BC)
ROIR (United States - New York, NY)
Rok Records (United Kingdom - Fulham, England)
Rondelet Records (United Kingdom - Mansfield, England)
Rot Records (United Kingdom - Mansfield, England)
Rough Justice Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Rough Trade Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Ruby Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Ruthless Records (United States - Chicago, IL)
Ruziek Records (Netherlands - Utrecht)

S/M Operations (United States - Port Huron, MI)
Sammich Records (United States - Washington, DC)
Schrott Records (West Germany)
Screwball Records (United States - Boulder, CO)
Secret Records (United Kingdom)
Selfish Records (Japan)
Sexy Robot Records (Belgium - Leuven)
Siamese Records (United States - Beverly Hills, CA)
Skeleton Records (Japan - Osaka)
Skene! Records (United States - Connecticut > Minneapolis, MN)
Skvaller Records (Sweden - Jönköping)
Slash Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Small Wonder Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Smoke Seven Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Smorgasbord Records (United States - Stamford, CT)
Speed of Sound Records (United States - Philadelphia, PA)
Spiderleg Records (United Kingdom)
Spittle Records (Italy)
Spunk Tapes (Sweden)
Squirtdown Records (United States - Reno, NV)
SST Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
St. Valentine Records (United States - Cleveland, OH)
Starving Missile Records (West Germany - Munich)
Step Forward Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Streets Ahead Records (United Kingdom - Altrincham, Cheshire, England)
Strultapes (Sweden - Eskilstuna)
Subterranean Records (United States - San Francisco, CA)
Subversive Records (United Kingdom - King's Lynn, Norfolk, England)
Syndicate Records (United Kingdom - London, England)

Taang! Records (United States - Boston, MA > San Diego, CA)
Terminal Records (United States - Cleveland, OH)
The Label (United Kingdom - London, England)
Thermidor Records (United States - Berkeley, CA)
Throbbing Lobster Records (United States - Boston, MA)
TJM Records (United Kingdom - Manchester, England)
Touch & Go Records (United States - Detroit, MI/Chicago, IL)
Toxic Shock Records (United States - Pomona, CA > Tucson, AZ)
TPOS (United States - Connecticut)
Trap Records (United States - Portland, OR)
Tremor Records (United States - Detroit)
Triple X Records (United States)
TVOR (Italy - Como)
Twin/Tone Records (United States - Minneapolis, MN)
Twisted Red Cross (Philippines)

Unclean Records (United States - Boulder, CO > Tulsa, OK > Austin, TX)
Undergrowth Records (Canada - Vancouver, BC)
Unsound Music (United States - Centerport, NY)
Uproar Records (Sweden)

Vermin Scum Records (United States - Baltimore, MD)
Version Sound (United States - Xenia, OH)
Vinyl Solution Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
Vinyl Solution Records (United States - New Orleans, LA)
VISA (France)
Volume Records (United Kingdom - Newcastle, England)
Voxx Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
VVV Records (United States - Dallas, TX)
Vögelspin Records (Netherlands - Amsterdam)

Wavelength Records (United Kingdom - Bristol, England)
We Bite Records (West Germany - Türingen)
Weird System Records (West Germany - Hamburg)
Whaam! Records (United Kingdom - London, England)
What Records? (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Wipe Out! Records (Greece)
Wishingwell Records (United States - Los Angeles, CA)
Words of Warning Records (United Kingdom - Wales)
WXYZ Records (United Kingdom - London, England)

X-Mist Records (West Germany)
X-Port Plater (Norway - Oslo)
Xcentric Noise Records (United Kingdom - Cottingham, England)
XClaim Records (United States - Boston, MA)
Xntrix Records (United Kingdom - London, England)

Youth Bus Records (United States - Venice, CA)

Zero Degree Records (United States - Richmond, VA)

Ägg Tapes (Sweden)